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Classic dating life: Should women court males? (1960)

Classic dating life: Should women court males? (1960)

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Should females court guys? By Olga Curtis, Parade women’s editor

How exactly does a girl win a spouse? By tradition, she waits until “the right man comes along, ” then retreats shyly as he woos her, pursues her and lastly leads her towards the altar.

She’s never designed to woo him — as well as in the past, she didn’t need to. Male-dominated courtship made feeling whenever girls spent their amount of time in the parlor and Papa seemed pleased to pay all of the bills.

But things are very different in 1960. First of most, there just aren’t sufficient men to bypass. Furthermore, females now work, make their money that is own and their very own bills. Women can be healthy, wealthier, more many than guys — and much more anxious to have married.

Yet, although women can be permitted equal legal rights in voting and spending taxes, courtship continues to be one thing when it comes to men. A lot of us raise an eyebrow at the basic idea of a girl phoning a guy, asking him for a romantic date; spending the check, giving him gift suggestions and proposing.

Are things severe? Family life professionals, noting the 113 women that are american every 100 US men, predict a rise in spinsters — unless the girls go a-wooing.

“Marriages just wouldn’t take place if it had been kept to your males, ” claims Norman W. Paget, executive manager associated with the Family provider Agency in San Bernardino, Calif.