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A female tricked me to get pregnant and I also am devastated

A female tricked me to get pregnant and I also am devastated

It’s been the most situations that are terrible We nearly finished my life due to it

Question: I’m originally from Dublin and presently residing in London. Nearly 2 yrs while I was home visiting my family and friends at Christmas ago I had a very traumatic experience. I happened to be utilized by a mature girl to ensure that her in order to become expecting from a stand that is one-night.

The woman approached me and began to come on to me quite strongly – wanting to have sex on the night in question, I was out with my family. This took me personally at shock. To start with, i did son’t like to that she was on the pill and I had nothing to worry about and I, unfortunately, believed her as I had no protection, but she told me.

We went our split means and in a few days the girl started messaging me trying to get together, but I wasn’t interested as I’d recently gotten away from a four-year relationship (we’d broken up due to my dedication dilemmas and I also wasn’t willing to begin a family group). I didn’t wish to harm her or make her feel used, it friendly so I kept. She wished to see me personally, but I became reluctant and stated that if i possibly could it can simply be as friends when I failed to desire to lead her on. Within three. 5 months of this in question she broke the news over the phone that she was pregnant night.

I became entirely devastated as well as in surprise, particularly after being told that she ended up being in the tablet and I’d absolutely nothing to be concerned about! I was in: I’d not slept all week and was completely down, but this somehow seemed to amuse her when we met up her first reaction was to laugh at the state.

From the get-go we informed her that I didn’t desire this case and just how it absolutely was a blunder on my component, that I didn’t wish a kid and I’d only split up with my long-lasting gf this is why.