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College Lifetime. Relive your university years the method you all dreamt it will be!

College Lifetime. Relive your university years the method you all dreamt it will be!

Summary of Game

link up with a few buddies and build a thriving town, one little bit of ass at any given time! Explore everything you’ve ever dreamt of, together with your booming sex! That’s right, you fortunate animal! Thank you for visiting University Lifestyle!

There’s no right time for mundane tasks and essays! College lifetime is really a fun simulator that is dating high in lovely surprises, sexy girls and cool situations that may continue to keep you on your own feet.

Key Features

The best years to proceed through tend to be the years invested in university.

regrettably, your university happens to be set you back the bottom by a college dean that is crooked. Him and making sex grounds for expulsion when you and your best friend start college, you’re faced with the horrible news that the dean has been blackmailing and controlling all the girls into working for. It’s as much as one to free the girls and get back the educational college to its previous glory.


The aim of the video game would be to unlock and build relationships with the characters and restore the college that is old a throughout the top banging sex-filled dream for all of us.

Do you want to generate your own play ground, and play matchmaker just as much as you prefer? Meet most of the characters one at a time, and gradually get acquainted with this range that is wide of appealing teenagers. The more you understand town, the higher you’re going to be pulling strings, such as a puppet that is true, directing the residents into casual intimate relationships, along with expanding and enhancing the appearance together with vibe regarding the university. You select whom spends time with whom, and, of program, peek on the hangouts! And, unlike in real college, you have got use of limitless funds through sweet deal packages! Now get to get your perfect home, your ideal outfit, as well as your fantasy woman.