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Also raise your voice towards the anons that assisted me show up with a few of this some ideas!!

Also raise your voice towards the anons that assisted me show up with a few of this some ideas!!

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Sorry I have to quarantine for about 12 more days and I’m bored as hell if it feels like I’m spamming asking for these but. Please submit demands for MTLs and headcanons or simply speak to me lol. I’m only writing for seventeen simply so that you understand 🙂 Edit: you need to be in a position to submit anonymously now, inform me if We didn’t fix that problem

Anonymous asked:

hi, (ahm. bad english alert, I am rlly sorry about that) not long ago i discovered the blog and adored it! you are taking me out of monotony to my dark nights, so many many thanks! can I ask for the MTL about unusual fetishes? It, i would love it if you could describe their scene asking to try!

this could be the essential i’ve that is excited about an ask, there’s a wide variety of way this might get in. For all available to you, please be respectful of the fetishes, we don’t kink shame right here (unless the kink is damaging to other people). Additionally they way I’m carrying this out is not as a MTL after all (I’m sorry) but i believe this structure will satisfy you still. Additionally i am sorry that some are kinda fundamental, i really do need to start to see the appeal in one thing to indian white girl sex place it into words within an okayish method lol. Also shout out loud towards the anons that aided me show up with a few associated with the basic tips!!

Uncommon Fetishes

Scoups – Cuckholding – attraction to your lover resting with other people

Therefore the very first time Scoups asks one to check it out you’re a bit amazed, you constantly looked at him to be extremely protective you just for himself over you and wanting. You consent to check it out however, it can absolutely spice up you’re sex-life. You enter the bed room, the truth is Seungcheol sitting in a seat off to your relative part and another male sitting in the sleep. The other male turns around, of course its Jeonghan, Seungcheol knew you constantly looked at him as a appealing guy.