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You can find many forms of maps. Listed below are some quite popular.

You can find many forms of maps. Listed below are some quite popular.

Article by: Hobart M. King, PhD, RPG

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Several types of Maps: below are a few examples of the various types of maps discussed in this article. Clockwise from top left: conditions map, topographic map, governmental map, digital street map, money map, and geologic chart.

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Millions of Different Maps

Scores of unique maps can be found in utilize globally. Most of these maps may be placed into one of two teams: 1) resource maps; and, 2) thematic maps.

Resource maps program the place of geographic boundaries, real attributes of planet, or social characteristics particularly locations, towns and cities, and roads. Governmental maps, real maps, roadway maps, topographic maps, energy zone maps, geologic maps, and postcode maps all are types of guide maps. Various research maps have-been designed for nearly every nation of the globe.

Thematic maps program the variety of a subject (the theme) across a geographical location. Weather maps revealing everyday higher temps across the usa tend to be common samples of a thematic map. These are generally produced by you start with a reference chart associated with the United States. Next temperature data is plotted atop for the guide chart making use of shades to communicate the temperatures anticipate. Income maps and resource maps are also forms of thematic maps.

In chapters of this short article below, you’ll find a number of examples of commonly used guide maps and thematic maps.