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15 Hilarious (but Clean) Jokes for seniors pt.2

15 Hilarious (but Clean) Jokes for seniors pt.2

10. Mobile phone at the License Bureau

Fred discovered himself in a line that is long the license bureau and relocated to stay into the reduced line. He switched around to see a senior girl simply standing in involving the 2 lines rather than going to obtain in either one. He viewed as she pulled down her mobile phone and started reading the headlines. He had been confused why she had been simply standing here reading involving the lines. -Sally Painter

11. Meals Memory

An elderly couple is concerned they are needs to forget simple things, so that they visit a physician for the checkup.

A doctor appears them over top to bottom but does not find such a thing. “It seems you two are completely fine so all that I am able to recommend is whenever you desire to keep in mind one thing, merely compose it straight down”.

The few genuinely believe that’s a good idea and so that they go homeward with renewed self- confidence.

Later that night, the few are watching tv in which he chooses to grab a glass or two.

“Need anything my dear” he asks?

” Can you grab me personally some frozen dessert. right right Here compose it straight straight down” she informs him.

“No require my dear, ice cream coming”!

“Oh, plus some chocolate sauce please. Would you like to write it straight straight down”?

“Ice cream with chocolate sauce, first got it”.

“And a cherry dear” she asks “sure you do not desire to compose it straight down”?

“Ice cream with chocolate sauce and a cherry. I started using it, Hun”.

The senior guy is gone for ten minutes together with girl starts to worry. He comes home with scrambled eggs, bacon and juice that is orange. The lady talks about the food and says

“Oh dear, you forgot the toast”! -Anonymous

12. A Well Told Joke

An old guy had been telling a small grouping of buddies just just just how as he had been young, their older bro was lowered into a fine by standing in the bucket.