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Exposing The Fake: Russ Holds It Real About Labels Signing Artists In Secret

Exposing The Fake: Russ Holds It Real About Labels Signing Artists In Secret

There’s a hinged door in position that separates the secrets for the music industry from general public view. Presumptions are really easy to make, and context clues make it possible to link the dots, but there’s a significant difference as soon as you get access to exactly what awaits beyond the home once the lines of dream and reality are not any longer blurred.

In certain cases the doorway cracks; a key will scurry down like a dirty rodent across a clean kitchen area flooring, and then we all stare in awe.

Russ, a longtime DJBooth favorite and Top Prospect, has already reached the purpose in the career where he’s gaining access to your music industry’s internal sanctums, in which he does not like just what he discovered. Your kitchen is not clean and also the dirty rodents are every-where, we simply don’t understand it. The veil being taken off Russ’ eyes inspired their brand new single” that is“Exposed a passionate assault against designers lying about being separate when they’re actually signed to an important label with a whole team backing them.

“You get from making tracks in your basements, on the exterior associated with the industry, and after that you result in the industry. You get behind those doors that are closed. You get learning the mechanics, and I also ended up being kept baffled,” is just how Russ started our telephone call talking about their many current launch.

He recalled ending up in labels and hearing the headlines of rappers being finalized, rappers he thought to be artists that are independent.