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Knowledge Base – Amazing Features Of File Manager For Phones To Make It Better (Updated).

It has a supports for both local and remote file system. There is an additional support for compression and decompression. App gives direct access to Music, Video, Galley and Documents.

We’ve crafted seven magnificent utilities into iExplorer that allow you to browse, preview, save, and export the most important information in the databases of your iPhone or iPad. Strangely enough, search results cannot be browsed in the Column view. We also have an iPad-specific overview of the Files appthat might be of interest to you. You already can share a file stored in your iCloud Drive with a link, which beats having to stuff someone’s inbox with a multi-megabyte message attachment. In iOS 13, you can finally share a whole iCloud folder with a quick link. Just tap and hold a folder to bring up the contextual menu, then choose an icon resembling a person’s silhouette.

Pdf App Runner

Another PC Suite that lets you sync your smartphone or tablet with your computer is Mobiledit by Compelson Labs. It supports a wide range of Android devices, right from the basic models to the most progressive smartphones. It can convert audio and video files to a well-suited format for your Android smartphone or tablet. There are 1.4 million Android apps in the Google Play store.Another useful category of Android Software’s for PC are Android emulators. Emulators enable you to run Android on your computer even if you do not connect a smartphone or tab physically to it.

To install it on your TV, open the Play Store and search for the name, or click the above link on a desktop computer and set your TV as the installation target. File Manager by Xiaomi is a file management app that allows you to gain total control over all the files on your Android smartphone. Copy and paste files from one folder to another, rename directories, delete documents and much more.

Root Browser: Best For Rooted Phones

Next best file manager app for iPhone & iPad with user-friendly interface and high quality features. Pocket drive lets you take pictures, record videos, create folders, and many more. Pocket Drive features a web browser which you can use for multiple purposes. This app comes with strong security options where you can enable or disable Touch ID, set a password, and similar others. With this app you can also share files via WiFi file transfer.

  • XYplorer is an ultimate file manager for Windows that will help you manage files effectively.
  • It is what many people use for sharing or receiving files from their friends.
  • Your mobile device can carry an awful lot of data, and there may come a time when you want to dig in and deal directly with it.
  • A windows file explorer popup where appear, find and import the OBB file.
  • Let’s admit, one of the most popular file formats that we deal with daily is archived check out this information files.
  • If you’d prefer to stick with Windows Explorer, you can get more features with these Windows File Explorer extensions for file management.

If at any point you wish to disconnect an app from your account, you can do so in your account settings. Click the connect button next to the app you’d like to connect to and follow the prompts. Support Cloud services such as Google drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.