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4 things you must know should you want to be described as a Buddhist monk

4 things you must know should you want to be described as a Buddhist monk

Ever considered leaving every thing behind and turn a Buddhist monk?

Maybe you have, in the course of your daily life, felt motivated by devoting your self to meditation and others that are helping?

I’m always delighted whenever I hear that some body is considering to walk that course. It may be an unique option to deepen one’s understanding and also to assist individuals.

Nonetheless, allow me to share a couple of things i discovered along the way (I happened to be a Tibetan buddhist monk for ten years). We summarized them in 4 recommendations which you might would you like to think about before deciding.

Listed below are 4 crucial areas of a monk’s life, I’ll focus on the rough people. The very same applies if you are a woman considering to become a nun.

Private harmony? Simply forget it.

The advertising has given us pictures of serene meditators, dealing with gorgeous Himalayan landscapes.

You’ll probably have actually moments that way if you decided to turn into a monk, but that’s the icing in the dessert.

No, really, you’re gonna be busy. Really busy. Probably busier than you’ve ever been: – Taking care of men and women (lots of lost souls end in Buddhist surroundings) – arranging everything (teachings, spiritual activities, accounting, we also labored on computers) – Washing the dishes – washing the monastery

And that is on a 24/7 basis, no holiday (or rarely), no WE. Your retreat will likely be limited by a little room in which you’ll oftimes be solicited whenever.