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Let me make it clear about REMOTE SWITCH ON WIRE: the facts and just how do we do the installation?

Let me make it clear about REMOTE SWITCH ON WIRE: the facts and just how do we do the installation?

Whether setting up on an automobile, vehicle, watercraft, UTV, or tennis cart, perhaps one of the most common amplifier installation problems we troubleshoot involves the remote switch on cable. The turn that is remote cable is in charge of switching your amplifier on / off.

This blue cable (typically by having a white stripe), could be a lot more crucial to comprehend than your standard energy and ground cables because if it is not set up properly, your amplifier will maybe not start even when it’s good energy and ground connections OR it might probably constantly draw energy and empty your battery pack starightaway.


The remote switch on cable gets voltage through the factory electrical system as soon as the ignition is when you look at the ACCESSORY or ON place (keep scanning this document when it comes to complete description). This voltage is transmitted through the remote switch on cable to your amplifier start circuit; as soon as the amplifier sensory faculties this voltage, it turns the amplifier on.

As soon as the ignition of this vehicle is turned off, the remote switch on cable stops moving voltage plus the amplifier turns down.

The amplifier will always be on if the remote turn on wire is connected to a wire in the vehicle that has constant voltage. In the event that remote switch on cable is christian cupid sign in linked to a wire that will not get voltage if the ignition is into the ACCESSORY or ON position, the amplifier will perhaps not start until that cable does get voltage.

The blue/white stripe remote switch on cable has many other names such as accessory cable, system handy remote control cable, etc… a few of the confusion about that cable will come through the different wiring practices between a factory and an aftermarket mind product.