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Meet with the fraudsters: Could this end up being your online fan?

Meet with the fraudsters: Could this end up being your online fan?

These represent the foot troops in a major international scamming business which is splitting minds and stealing billions of money.

In a small dull in Ghana, in western Africa, an aspiring business person trawls Facebook for divorced and widowed female on the other hand around the globe.

The 27-year-old, just who phone calls themselves Kweiku, try trying to find ‘clients’ scammer parlance for sufferers who can feel conned on line into giving money.

For Kweiku, love scams become a deal, maybe not a crime.

“A client try someone, a business mate just who delivers your revenue, that is why you utilize your message customer,” he informed Four Corners.

“Some are divorced many their own husbands have become dead.”

Kweiku carries cologne throughout the roads of Ghana’s capital, Accra, in order to maintain a meagre earnings between Western Union moves from a female he seduces online.

The guy poses as an US soldier known as ‘Johnny’, an online image built on stolen images, phony ID and inventory programs with storylines about urgent problems which can be resolved with earnings.

“Occasionally i am in Palestine, occasionally I’m in Iraq therefore we include helping keep serenity because nation because there’s a conflict happening,” the guy stated.