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Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. Everything you need to understand pt.2

Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. Everything you need to understand pt.2

Orgasmic strategies for her

The LOTUS place is just one of the GREATEST jobs for assisting females orgasm over and over! It brings your clitoris and vulva into close connection with your partner’s lower stomach and pelvis, making the sensations feel exquisite!

If this really isn’t sufficient to make an “Ohhh!” into a huge O, then listed below are five strategies that may nearly GUARANTEE you an orgasm within the Lotus intercourse place!

(for just about any dudes scanning this, you should use these exact same ways to assist your lover feel the orgasm of her LIFESTYLE)

1. Arch your straight back

Within the Lotus intercourse place, the essential difference between “Oh yeah!” and ‘OH YESSSS!’ are simple millimeters! That why one of the better techniques to cum within the Lotus intercourse place is always to decide to decide to try arching your straight back. This PUSHES your vulva and clit on your guy’s pelvis, making the Lotus EXTREMELY lady-friendly! You could lean right straight straight back slightly, making it easier for the man to excite your G-spot!

2. Get him to seize your sides

To cum in Lotus sex place, you’ll want to gyrate in SMALL CIRCLES. This can be easier in theory, specially when you’re into the throes of passion! Pose a question to your guy to provide you with a hand that is assisting help you gyrate by holding your sides and butt. It will help the movement is kept by you tight and certainly will allow you to EXPLODE with pleasure!

3. Lube up

A tried-and-test method of orgasming within the Lotus intercourse place is which makes it EXTRA slippery with an abundance of lube!