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Best Papers for Fountain Pens

Best Papers for Fountain Pens

You can find a wide array of considerations whenever selecting outstanding paper for usage with water water fountain pens. It is very similar to picking a wine that is fine numerous subtleties and nuances. Nevertheless, any paper that is great draw out a whole new lease of life to your pencils and ink, allowing you to see things you will have missed before like sheen.

Let’s focus on a synopsis regarding the plain facts to consider whenever selecting a paper. Follow this link to leap right to the tips.

Whiteness and colors

Paper, because you can know, are located in virtually every color imaginable, from pure white to a bright neon pink. The de facto standard for lots more fountain pen paper is white. Some documents could be more white (brighter and less gray) than the others. Another popular color is a cream/ivory color. This might create your ink look different and often produces some actually good impacts with particular inks. Cream paper normally significantly easier regarding the eyes since it is never as bright.

Let me reveal a sheet of white paper (HP 32lb Premium Laser) with a sheet of ivory paper (Southworth 32lb Ivory Laser). Spot the color vary from white to yellow, nearby the limit associated with the pen.


Some cheaper documents usually tend to exhibit feathering, where ink spreads out uncontrollably through the paper. You have a tendency to get really dense lines and strange surges over the letters. This might be because of the paper absorbing the ink too soon, just like a muscle taking in water. Reduced quality documents like those present in many spiral notebooks are far more vulnerable to feathering, where as top quality documents are created to prevent feathering, mostly by way of a surface that is coated.

The image below programs the results of feathering. The top image shows a paper that feathers effortlessly (Xerox 24b copy paper).