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KARNA: The Reign of Hookup Society

KARNA: The Reign of Hookup Society

The school microcosm has seen the notion of intercourse, together with bigger image of romance in today’s society develop considerably throughout the decade that is last.

These modifications have developed in to the adult that is young and past, but college campuses know it well: an environment saturated in 20-somethings which can be constantly getting together with one another and hanging out with and surrounding one another most the time.

Although the intimate tradition of a college campus differs from school to college predicated on factors including size and overall social life, as a whole, commonalities are present.

We’re active on Tinder. We hook up. We don’t understand just what “hooking up” actually means. We text that is never double. We recognize the charged energy of a “read receipt.” We are able to never ever inform if we have been taking place a date or simply dinner with a buddy. Provided, they are all generalizations and there are numerous successful, severe relationships that do defy those stereotypes. However the data suggest the weather of casual intercourse operates rampant on university campuses; over 91 % of students think hookup culture pervades campus, as well as the median quantity of hookups for graduating seniors is seven, in accordance with a 2013 research of 14,000 students.